Frequently asked questions

Please, sort your waste.
  1. The Containers are only for household rubbish and pampers.
  2. The yellow bags are for sale packages (cans, milk packages, plastice bottles, etc..)
  3. Glass Containers only for glass
  4. Paper in the paper box (bundled).
  5. Metal scrap in the Container next to the waste.
You can fish at the Pond of Krahloch (8 km away from the camping). You can get Information as well as fishing license in the reception.
Please drive walking speed on the whole area of Harfenmühle (including way in and way out). Entry and Exit barriers are closed from 10 pm till 8 am. Main street is one way street.
Dogs must be leashed on the camping. Dogs are forbidden on the sportsground, in the sanitary, in the swimming pond as well as in the gemstones river.
You can preorder fresh rolls for the next day till 5 pm at the reception. You can pick up your rolls from 8 till 10 am at the reception.
You Need 50 censt coin to take a shower (4 minutes).
You can buy ice cream in front of the reception for 3 x 50 Cents.
Gemstones seeking (free of Charge) daily on 10.15 am in the gemstone river. Gold digging (Pyrit) anytime.
The curfew starts at 10 pm and Ends at 8 am.
Emergency phonenumbers: Camping: 06786-1304 or emergency bell at the entry of restaurant „Harfenmühle“ Police: 110 Fire department / emrgency doctor: 112 In cas of emergency, please inform the reception!
To make a booking, you can contact us by phone or directly online.
Wash your gemstones only with riverwater ( and not drinking water). Please don't break your Stones with hammer on the electrical boxes. At your departure, clear your otich from rest of Stones and wood, thanks.
We don't accept any bank cards, only cash. At your departure, don't Forget to bring the blue key back.
You need coins of 50 Cents to use the washing machines and dryers. If you Need, we can xxchange at the reception.