Welcome to your 5 star campsite Harfenmühle, fantastically located in the heart of the Hunsrück, the German Gemstone Route, surrounded by the wine regions of Nahe and Moselle. Enjoy a fun-filled holiday with special nature experiences and attractions around the over 500 years old gemstone region. 

Camping Harfenmühle stands for experience in the midst of nature, with haunted streams, different woods and open spaces, zones of relaxation and areas for sports activities for young and old, such as table tennis, football, swimming, hiking and much more.

Our cozy restaurant Harfenmühle offers for small to large appetites healty, vegetarian and international dishes - we wish you good appetite!


The Hunsrück is a special landscape for nature lovers and active holidaymakers. In the future National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald experience beech forests, Rossel Halden, Hang Moore, rare animals and plant species, attractions such as the Wild castle or Schmidtburg, involve the fabled stories in it, or splendid premium hiking trails with an international reputation. Our 5 star campsite Harfenmühle is immersed in nature and centrally located for your leisure activities.

A cultural landscape that will inspire you.

In the Best of Hiking Test Centre, you have the opportunity to test hiking boots, clothing, walking poles, rucksacks, etc. and try out the high-quality equipment directly on site during a hike. 


For over 500 years the jewelery and gemstone region is world known and appreciated around Idar-Oberstein. Even today you will find rare gemstone deposits and outstanding processing techniques on the spot. A journey into the histories offer museums and mines in the region.

Every morning at 10:15 starts the day at your campsite Harfenmühle with gemstone search for our little guests. Fun and adventure guaranteed!

You will be amazed about what you will find on the subject of precious stones at us. Multi-faceted, colorful and culturally diverse. Welcome.


National park Hunsrück - Hochwald

"Let nature be nature" is the slogan of the National park Hunsrück-Hochwald. The result is a forest National Park with beech trees, Rossel heaps and slope bogs as formative elements. Impressive are the views of the mighty quartzite heads into the mainland. Almost mystical spreads out over the old beech trees that give the stone scree a frame.Rare plant and animal species such as osprey and black stork, dragonflies and orchids, have already their home in the region. It is important to safeguard and preserve their habitat. Who can be a guest in the National Hochwald will discover this wonderful landscape.

Just arrive, take a deep breath and experience a lot of original nature



The campsite is located Harfenmühle in nature. On the National Park Hunsrück - Hochwald. The gemstone road runs right past the campground. Ample supply for companies offer various museums, mines and other tourist attractions. The tourist can enjoy the beauty of the Natural Park Saar Hunsrück. Hiking through the Saar Hunsrück Steig with his Beautiful Dream loops.

Mountain biking through the woods from the valley to the mountain and back. Crossing them with their sticks Nordic Walkin Park Mörschieder Burr. You have a pet? Starting with the dog in the woods from Soonwaldsteig. This is the home of Edgar Reitz. The region is reminiscent of the Eifel, Westerwald, or the Black Forest. Edelsteinschleiferei Ernst Otto Biehl of the new home. Stones in the quarry looking Juchem. The birthplace of Bruce Willis, Idar Oberstein, you can visit museums or hack gems in Steinkaulenberg and mine.

Agates found in Gemstone Eldorado in Freisen. Or just beat slate in the mine of the Federation Bach. The world of geology at close quarters in the gemstone region in the heart of Rhineland Palatinate. Just enjoy a glass of wine whether. Along the Nahe or Mosel Saar Ruwer at the A trip on the Rhine World Heritage Site Middle Rhine Valley is ready for them. The beautiful city of Trier with its Roman Archiologischen buildings like the Porta Nigra is perfect for a getaway. Of course, the Celtic ring wall is worth an experience.

Family holidays on the camp. Soccer, swimming, playing the course offers a great variety ready for them. Good evening meal in the restaurant, the Michelin Guide, Aral Schlemmer Atlas and the Varta Guide is excellent. Or simply make the grill and barbecue with family and friends. Or sit relaxed with the open fire in the evening together.

Simply end spans while the children search gems in the stream. In warm weather, the natural bathing pool for adults and children is available. Play on the playground or a round of football golf. Or would you prefer a game of beach volleyball, more successful with his foot then onto the playing field. Alone or with your family trips to the zoo or the Wild Castle Historic Herrnstein where the Schinderhannes lived.

Whether young or old, the National Park region offers something for everyone. National dish of the region is the Idar Oberstein spit roast fresh from the book Grill. Excellent is the campsite from the German Tourism Association with four out of five stars. The German ADAC Camping Guide has judged the course as well as the Dutch ANWB guide.

Good review is the Harfenmühle in ACSI, Alan Roger, ECC. As well as online portals such as holiday homes. They enjoy their holidays under the open sky in the tent but more luxury features of the folding caravan. Simply clamp caravan behind the car and drive off. They are retired and enjoy the freedom of the motorhome whether. For a night or two nights Or maybe longer?

All camping places have electricity and some with water. Do not want to take the trailer out of the garage. Then simply by automobile or motorcycle-show.

Guest rooms are available for the spontaneous travelers available. A mobile home rent with the family. Relaxing holiday in a chalet without own tent. A three-star apartment is available for rent. For cycling is a bed and bike available.