• 2017

    Neue Mobilheime

    Wir haben 4 neue Mobilheime auf dem Campingplatz in Vermietung. Davon haben wir 3 barrierefreie Mobilheime. Die barrierefreien Mobilheime wird im Rahmen des Entwicklungsbogramms EULLE unter der Beteiligung der Europäischen Union und des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz, vertreten durch das Ministerium Wirtschaft, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau gefördert.

  • 2016

    Was haben wir 2016 verändert....

    Wir haben einen neuen Waschsalon und einen neuen Aufenthaltsraum mit Küche. Auf dem Dach wurde die photovoltaik Anlage verdreifacht. Der Naturschwimmteich wurde ausgebaggert und hat jetzt mehr Liege und Schwimmfläche.

  • 2015

    Nationalparc Hunsrück-Hochwald is decided !

    The ministry of Environment decide the opening of the National Parc Hunsrück-Hochwald for 2015. This arc will be at the doors of our Camping. We also build a beachvolley field a s well as a soccergolf (7 holes) close to Otto Biehl along the river.

  • 2015

    ADAC Camping Award 2015

    At the ADAC Camping Award 2015, we arrived in the final list for the awardLeisure. The expert jury composed of nine members selected the five winners from more than 142 campsites in competition.

  • 2015

    5 stars Camping Harfenmühle

    The Camping gets for the first time 5 stars from the german Tourist (Deutschen Tourismuns Verband).

  • 2015

    Reisemobilstellplatz Harfenmühle

    An Pfingsten wird mit dem Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald unser Reisemobilstellplatz mit 11 Stellplätze eröffnet.

  • 2013

    Acquisition of the Landhaus "Harfenmühle"

    In this year we purchase an drenew entirely a landhouse "Landhaus Harfenmühle" erworben für 6 Persofor 6 People. The last part of our sanitary renovation (the men's part) is also completed and all our sanitary are up to date.

  • 2012

    Renovation of the old sanitary

    In this year, we completly renove the women part of the old sanitary at the exit of the Camping.

  • 2010

    New opening of restaurant "Harfenmühle"

    After renovation, we open at Carnival the new Restaurant "Harfenmühle" where previously the reception and the Restaurant "Mühlenstube" were. The reception moves to the former mill where the previous Restaurant "Harfenmühle" was.

  • 2009

    Birth of Alice

    At the end of this summer, Alice is Born. End of the year, we close both restaurants "Harfenmühle" and "Mühlenstube".

  • 2007

    Prize of the Deutschen Edelsteinstrasse

    In March the families Koch and Caudron obtain " the Price of Deutschen Edelsteinstrasse" for their implication in the tourism in the Region. Opening of our second sanitary A Network of Nordic Walking Mörschieder Burr is also developed just in front of the camping.

  • 2006

    4 stars

    We start the building of a second sanitary close to the entry of the camping. The Camping gets for the first time 4 stars from the german Tourist (Deutschen Tourismuns Verband).

  • 2005

    Building of the new reception

    On 1 Januar we start building our new reception. this one will open on Eastern. We also renew our tent Meadow and divide it into sevral pitches. We install electricity on all pitches.

  • 2004

    The Family grows up.

    Claire was Born on November of this year. Günther and Karin decide to leave the workforce.

  • 2003

    Timo Comes back home.

    Timo comes back after a few learning years abroad and strenghtens the Team.

  • 2002

    Guetsrooms and second marriage.

    In the garden behind the restaurant, 4 guestrooms are available since the srping. Marriage of Tanja and Benjamin.on the 23th November.

  • 2001


    Carina and Marco are marrying this summer and Lea is coming on the 27th of december.

  • 2000

    Opening of the restaurant "Mühlenstube"

    Beginning ot this year, Tanja and Benjamin join the Family and together we run the Restaurants "Harfenmühle" and "Mühlenstube".

  • 1999

    Opening of the restaurant "Harfenmühle"

    Marco and Carina open the gastronomical restaurant "Harfenmühle" in the former mill close to the pound.

  • 1995

    "Exemplary camping in the campaign"

    For our second participation to the contest, we win the first Price in the rgeion Koblenz.

  • 1994

    Extension "Sun Hill"

    Enlargement of the Camping with the sun hill where new Chalets will be installed.

  • 1988

    "Exemplary camping in the campaign"

    For our participation at the contest "Vorbildliche Campingplätze in der Landschaft" we get the felicitations of the regional government of Rhineland Palatinate.

  • 1984

    The "Camping adventure" begins !

    The families Koch and Müller leave the city and install themselves in the idyllic landscape of Hunsrück..