Excursions in the region

Family card, the cheap option to visit in family the region. With your tickets, you can visit 15 attractions at discounted prices. You can buy this card to all the attractions that participate to the operation as well as the tourist information of Herrstein and Idar-Oberstein.

The guest card and family card can be purchased at the Camping Reception. https://www.edelsteinland.de/
150 meter from the camping. .World famous original water driven gemstone grinder at the german gemstones route. Guided tours and working demonstrations of the unchanged for four Generations method. http://www.alte-edelsteinschleiferei.de
A tour through the historical center is worth and you 'll discover: 60 restored half-timbered houses, the clock tower (from 12./13.cebtury, it's the only medieval town gate in state of the Nahe-Hunsrück region. It's the landmark of Herrstein), the local museum, the clock tower street, the castle church, the Schinderhannes tower (here he was imprisoned on 10 July 1798 for one night!) and the Pfarrgasse. http://www.herrstein.de
The tower (22 meters high) was built in the XIV th century on the ruins of an former castle. The walls were also partly rebuilt. Foto: Klaus Görg http://www.wildenburg.kempfeld.de
Discover the animals in their natural environment. This natural park of 42 hectares at the foot of Wildenburg takes you for a walk in the woods to encounter deer, wild boars, ... Foto: Klaus Görg http://www.wildfreigehege-wildenburg.de
Visit the heart of a medieval copper mine (the only one in Germany). Extraction, lifestyle of the time, casting techniques, ... everyhing will be explained to you. http://www.besucherbergwerk-fischbach.de
Worldwide unique presentation of all types of raw and processed gemstones. Special departments: Glyptothek, treasury of diamonds and changing exhibitions http://www.edelsteinmuseum.de
City trade mark is the carved out of rock church , 50 meters above the Nahe. http://www.felsenkirche-oberstein.de
Gemstones and ore from all over the world. Fluorescent cabinet, giants cristals and interesting city remains. http://www.deutsches-mineralienmuseum.de
Largest Agate mine in Europe. besides Agate, quartz and Amethyst can be found. The only gemstone mine in Europe permitted to be visited.
Video Steinkaulenberg http://www.edelsteinminen-idar-oberstein.de
The sole remaining, in original state, factory with workers and managingdirector houses, that illustrates more than 130 years of the industrial history and know-how of the City Idar-Oberstein. http://www.jakob-bengel.de
A fantasy world with training on minerals and gemstones. Admire the wonders of nature. You will experience an impressive journey through caves and caverns. http://www.goldgottlieb.de
Visit the mine and the fossil museum and learn about the operating techniques. Exposure of 120 fossil specimens dating back about 400 million years. http://www.bundenbach.de
170 BC there was a celtic village on this height. Part of the village was rebuilt as identical. http://www.bundenbach.de
Fossils Bundenbach can be seen in museums, exhibitions, laboratories and universities worldwide and enjoy an international reputation. http://www.bundenbach.de
Steinernes Gästebuch, Veitsrodt
The stoned guestbook is on a circuit of 1.7 km length. Over 100 stones remind celebrities of the region in the fields of politics, economics, culture and sport.

Edelsteingaten, Kempfeld
The Garden with gemstones brings together over 100 rough gemstones. Small information panels provide the necessary basic knowledge. The heart of the system are 12 gemstones that are the foundation of the "New Jerusalem" according to biblical tradition. In the middle you will find a stylized bible.

Nahe Skywalk, Hochstetten Daun
Gartenschau Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern
Japanischer Garten Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern
Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte,Völklingen
Schmidtburg, Schneppenbach
The Schmidt Castle is one of the oldest and most important castles in the Hunsrück. Its origins date back to the year 926.

Schloss Oberstein und Burg Bosselstein, Idar-Oberstein
Castle Oberstein: Castle ruin built before 1330. Castle Booselstein: the "von Stein" residence from approx. 1200 years till 1600. The "Bergfriedstumpf" and some walls remain. Fantastic view of the city Oberstein.

Burg Baldenau, Hinzerath
Schloss Dhaun, Hochstetten Dhaun
Schloss Wartenstein, Hahnenbachtal
Burg Grimmburg, Hermeskeil
Burg Lichtenberg, Kusel
Burg Eltz, Wierschem
The Nahe starts in Saarland southwest of Lake Bostalsee and stops after 120 kilometers of varied landscape near Bingen in the Rhine. In the Mediterranean valley of the Nahe, the Red Rock impresses as largest cliff between the Alps and Scandinavia. Go to the spa town of Bad Sobernheim on time travel, in Rhineland-Palatinate open air museum. Recommended are the ruins Rheingrafenstein, the Salinental and the historic old town Bad Kreuznach with numerous museums, the bridge houses and so on ... The old town of Meisenheim impresses with its medieval image of high cultural and historical Wert. Upon the traces of Hildegard of Bingen, the town of Bingen is one of the most important historical place of activity in the neighboorhood. It offers the possibility to follow the historic footsteps of the great abbess. When visiting the monastery ruins of Disibodenberg in Odernheim am Glan you can still feel the mystique of this place.
The Mosel region is Germany's oldest wine region. The steep slopes of river valleys are densely planted with vines, the steep slopes characterize the area more than any other wine region in the world. The Mosel and its tributaries the Saar and Ruwer flow through a traditional cultural landscape. Germany's oldest city, Trier with eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the capital of the Mosel region, once the capital of the Roman Empire. Further down river are the Roman villas in Longuich and Mehring. Neumagen-Dhron the oldest wine village in Germany with the Römerweinschiff and other important finds. More Roman wine presses are to be found in Piesport, Brown Mountain, Erden and Maring-Noviand. Bernkastel-Kues is alos worth to see : its historic old town, the built in the 15th century St. Nicholas Hospital, the Moselle Wine Museum and the great Mosel wine shop are some of the highlights.Traben-Trarbach there are a numerous of art nouveau buildings. Continues the Riesling Route in direction of Zell with its Electoral Palace. At the other side of the river, Bullay and its castle “the Marienburg”. The romantic wine village of Beilstein and the wine town of Cochem, with its picturesque castle realm. Next on Roman trails the way leads you to Martberg in Pommern and its Celtic-Roman sites. For a taste of the Middle Age the castle Eltz offer at Mosel core, Ehrenburg in Brodenbach and Thurant in Alken. At the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz the Moselle flows into the Rhine.
Weinland Mosel
Mosel Touristik