"Let the nature be" is the slogan of the National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald. Old beech, bogs,quartzite are one of the prerogative of the park. Plant and animal species such as the osprey, black stork, dragonflies and orchids are already present in our area. It is important to safeguard and preserve it. So come, breathe deeply and take a whiff of original nature.
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… it extends from Saargaus to Idar-Oberstein and has a superficy of 91.000 ha. It offers a lot a natural beauties which are only waiting to be discovered by you.
Getting to know the National Park in the months of May till October. Join for a free ranger tour in the national park Hunsrück-Hochwald. Learn something about the nature. Have a look at the work of the national parks. Learn about nature and culture. Proper weather clothing and stout footwear are basic conditions for participation. Offered is also a ranger tour for children.
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At the weekend, certified national park guides will take you on real adventure tours. At the national park highlights Wildenburg and Ringwall; and the whole thing professionally accompanied. You can book this offer in advance or decide spontaneously: The National Park guides look forward to your visit. Join the certified national park guides every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. on a two- to three-hour adventure tour through the protected area. The different places at different times of the year, presented by ever-changing guides, reveal the diversity of topics in our national park. Let yourself be surprised.

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It extends from the point of view Cloef in Mettlach Orscholz till Idar-Oberstein and the antic city of Trier. Follow ist ways and discover ist romantic creek valleys and ist mysterious forests.
Die Traumschleifen verlaufen größtenteils auf schmalen, naturnahen Wegen, vorbei an idyllischen Wasserläufen und imposanten Felsformationen hin zu atemberaubenden Aussichtspunkten und beeindruckenden Natur- und Kulturdenkmälern. Es gibt über 100 Traumschleifen und sind zwischen 6 und 20 km lang und als Rundwege angelegt. Einige von ihnen sind direkt vom Saar-Hunsrück-Steig aus zu erreichen, andere findet man in geringer Entfernung. Als Premiumwege sind sie durchgängig nach den strengen Richtlinien des Deutschen Wanderinstituts ausgeschildert und unterwegs erleichtern zusätzlich zahlreiche Wegweiser mit Entfernungsangaben die Orientierung.
The new "Nahesteig" hiking trail, about 35 km long, leads hikers along the upper reaches of the Nahe. The Nahe has created an impressive landscape here. Steep rock faces alternate with gentle passages along the banks. The trail crosses the Nahe several times over stepping stones and bridges. The alternation of rocky sections and floodplain landscapes, interspersed with cosy villages with small inns, is what makes the route so appealing.
The 137-kilometre hiking trail, which in some sections follows premium trails in the Nahe holiday region, begins in Idar-Oberstein and leads via Niederhosenbach, the family seat and possible birthplace of Hildegard von Bingen, on to Bad Sobernheim. on to Bad Sobernheim. Not far from here is the Disibodenberg monastery ruins, where Hildegard spent almost 40 years of her life. The pilgrimage trail finally ends in Bingen on the Rhine.
Hier finden sie verschiedene Wanderwege rund um dem Camping Harfenmühle
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Hier finden sie verschiedene Fahrrad und Mountainbike Routen rund um dem Camping Harfenmühle
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A total of 10 designated routes, which are between 5 - 16 kilometres long and have different levels of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult), lead to a number of sights and attractions.
With the Mörschieder Burr and the Wildenburgkopf, the Nordic Walking Park has two particularly scenic destinations to offer. The attractive routes offer a mixture of horse piles, forest, old trees, springs, small forest lakes and sensational far-reaching views. Sights such as the Wildenburg with its observation tower, wildlife enclosure and nature trail as well as the historic water loop Asbacherhütte lie along the way.
There are plenty of parking facilities at the three entry points: Camping Harfenmühle, Wildenburg and Mörschied sports ground.
A trail provides information about the trees and shrubs of the region. The "path through the moor" gives also information about the flora and fauna.busy. There is also a forest playground for the children.
The Trailpark Erbeskopf is located on the highest mountain of Rhineland-Palatinate. The 8 trails are situated in beautiful nature, combined with the very appealing topography of the Erbeskopf and the good geographical location are unique. The routes are arranged in 3 categories (blue = easy, red = medium difficult, black = difficult). Riding fun is the focus of all of them.
Adrenalin pur! Deutschlands längste Hängeseilbrücke für Fußgänger, schwingt sich auf 360 m Länge und 100 m Höhe über das Mörsdorfer Bachtal von Mörsdorf nach Sosberg. Die Brücke ist eine Attraktion für Schwindelfreie und Abenteurer! Nach dem Vorbild Nepalesischer Hängeseilbrücken schwingt sich die "Geierlay-Hängeseilbrücke" von einem Brückenkopf zum anderen In Mörsdorf findet man das Besucherzentrum zur Hängeseilbrücke.