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The Edelsteincamp is at the entry of the mine Steinkaulenberg. You can look for Agate, Amethyst, Bergkristall, jaspis,.... In the Edelsteinkamp, all the tools ar at your disposal: : spades, chops,... It is advised to wear protection glasses, gloves, good shoes as welle as a Long trouses ´The found minerals belong to you and can be taken away. Highlight : opening of a gemstone by an original "Drusenknacker".
Video Steinkaulenberg
The land where children dig for gemstones is daily filled with minerals from around the world by us. The success of exploration is guaranteed for the young geologists.
Video Steinkaulenberg
On the place of the Historischen Weiherschleife , the children can look for gemstones from all over the world. They dig with a strainer in a huge sandbox and can by this way find the gemstones. Afterwards, the can polish These gemstones at a original polishing wheel..
Video Historische Weiherschleife
The seeking is indootr and can be done regardless of the weather. The children loor for stones on a 60 m2 space (in a cave). They have to dig with their hands to find the gleaming stones. Goldwashing: the children can find there Gold from the Alpen
Choose a bucket or a wheelbarrow and go looking for stones on the agate's mountain. Alle the stones you bring back belong to you.
Ga and look for fossils. Buy a barrow of slates and borrow a Splitting device. maybe you'll be lucky and you'll find a fossil into it.