3 Accessible mobile homes for the 2017 season

A Leader project of the LAG Erbeskopf.

People with disabilities, especially with mobility impaired guests, have relatively difficult to participate in the camping tourism. In tents is it almost impossible for people with mobility disabilities and this even if the camping presents barrier-free sanitary facilities and adapted roads. In caravans and campers, traveling with mobility disabled people is also rather difficult.

The most important to push and break down these barriers is the construction of accessible rentable units in Camping

Expert Prof. Dr. Heinrich Lang | Tübingen 02.22.2016

Camping Harfenmühle upgraded to 5 Stars

At this year's annual meeting of the Association of campsite operators in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland (VCRs) there was every reason to celebrate. The VCRs was celebrating its 25th anniversary and used this occasion to hand over this year's classification.

The Camping Harfenmühle has been upgraded to 5 stars. The strengths of the camping Harfenmühle are the quiet location of the camping with its stream and its small swimming pond, a very nice reception, a very good restaurant, a variety of leisure activities for children (like gemstones searching and gold digging), targeted action programs and the connection to the network of hiking trails in the region.

The diploma was given in Bexbach to Dieter and Karola on behalf of the families Koch and Caudron.

Camping Harfenmühle awarded Quality hiking Germany

Left to right: Bürgermeister Uwe Weber, Verbandgemeinde Herrstein; Ute Meinhard, Naheland-Touristik GmbH; Timo Koch, Campingplatz Harfenmühle und Tanja Füllmann, Tourist-Information Deutsche Edelsteinstraße, Herrstein.


Our 5 stars campsite Harfenmühle at Mörschied  got the award "Quality Host Walking in Germany" on Thursday, September 15th. Mayor Uwe Weber, Ute Meinhard, Managing Director of Naheland-Touristik GmbH and Tanja Fullmann of the Tourist Information German Gem Road, presented Timo Koch the  certificate.

The campsite Harfenmühle is the ninth camping in Germany, which may be advertised with this additional award.

The location right on the National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald, is an ideal starting point for day hikes in the area of ​​Wildburger hof or on the dream loops around. The dream loop Eisenhüttenweg starts right at the campground. Even multi-day hikes on the Saar-Hunsrück Steig are possible from the camping.

With the title "Quality Host Walking in Germany" of the German Hiking Association  are currently nationwide 1,600 especially hiker-friendly accommodation and restaurants referred. Theses must meet uniform criteria and offer the traveling guest so a transparent orientation and guidance for the choice of his host. The profiling as a near-hiking destination will be strengthened further. These include, above all, adequate refreshments and accommodation options. Currently, in the near-holiday region perform 22 operations this seal of quality and thus committed to a high quality hiking tourism in the region.

Naheland-Tourist CEO Ute Meinhard pointed to the importance of walking holidays for the Nahe region: "In recent years we have in common with the local authorities the issue, hiking ' brought forward. We are glad that we now have a certified campsite in the region with the campsite Harfenmühle. "

Mayor Uwe Weber congratulated the family Koch and Caudron for their award: "I am delighted with this award because it is not only a positive publicity for the operation, but also for the German Gemstone Route and the entire region," said Weber. "The German Gemstone Route relies heavily on hiking tourism. In recent years, the municipality has made with the Saar-Hunsrück Steig  and the Dream Loops significant investments into the hiking infrastructure.