Sauna area

The sauna area offers the highest quality and modern design for an all-round feel-good experience. The quiet zone invites you to relax, equipped with comfortable loungers. The Finnish sauna impresses with its traditional design, high-quality sauna wood and a pleasant temperature for revitalizing warmth. The infrared seats use innovative technology for gentle deep heat, relieving tension and increasing well-being. Klafs creates a unique sauna culture that focuses on relaxation and regeneration.

Warmth. Does you good.

Finnish sauna

This hot bath, which originated in Scandinavian countries, is the most original and important experience for many guests. Classically equipped with wooden benches and a sauna stove, you will experience temperatures between 80 - 95°C there. Depending on your state of health and sauna experience, you can vary the height of the benches.

Infrared Seats

A little warmth often works wonders: the KLAFS Infrared Seats offer three places for guests. The targeted heat treatment of the back area has been known for many years to be beneficial, relaxing and pain-relieving. It is gentle and warms muscles only selectively without putting a strain on the circulation.

Rest area

Peace and quiet on holiday. Comfortable loungers invite you to rest & relax. Enjoy the ambience and feel how your physical and mental tensions are released. Find your way back to your centre in the peace and quiet.